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End of Contract.. now what?

I am on the Go Mobile Swap Plan $95 which is due to end next month.


I am looking to move to another provider as Telstra is out of my price range at the moment.

Am i going to have to pay to keep my phone? 


Not completely understanding (at my own fault) why i was paying $120 a month, to not even own my phone at the end of the 24 months?

I am looking at moving to a BYO Plan with another provider for only $40 a month and excess of 15GB

is there an option like this at Telstra?

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Re: End of Contract.. now what?

Telstra’s BYO are $49 for 15GB or I think it is currently 60GB for $59.

With the lease plan, yes, you save $10 per month on the outright plan, but at the end of the 2 years a fee would apply to buy out the phone.

I would suggest speaking to the dedicated disconnection team on 132200 and say “disconnection”, they are primarily based out of Adelaide and will be able to go through the different options and costs and sometimes may have other options they can offer to help meet you needs.
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