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end of mobile lease plan

I have ben with telstra for 30 years this year. Recently my mobile is coming to the end of the lease, so I went into the shop to ask for options. I currently have a $99 lease plan. The lady informed me that there are no more lease plans, because no one understood them.She told me I could swap my phone for an equivilant iphone but the cheapest we could do was $120. Then that the phone had a small crack in the case and so i would need to pay $300plus, and to get a new phone, she could copy the data for me for an extra $60. I pointed out that my documentation received from telstra said i could have 1 month to copy the date, she said that was wrong. the copy takes seconds and used to be free. She then dropped the price of that to $30 and then to $0, but only if I took the more expensive phone. My internet and business is with telstra. I left - disgusted and went to optus. Theiur mobile plan for the same iphone was $99, but they pointed out if I moved my internet as well - I have 2 accounts by the way - it would drop to $75 per month for a new phone. WHY would I stay with telstra if you give no credit for being a good customer with internet etc ? When I took out the lease on the phone it was simple, take out a lease and at the end renew a new lease - make sure the phone is in working order - which it is. and new 30 mins even to get a response... look at my history /account and if you dont want me as a customer let me know.

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Re: end of mobile lease plan

No-one here has access to account information so we can't do that bit. Most of us are just customers like you and also known to get a but disgruntled by the way Telstra works now.


You might get lucky but it mat take a while for someone from Telstra to pop in here, notice your post and redirect it to someone that can act on it... sad but true.


I am not sure Telstra are existing customer focused any more, it looks more like they just want to attract more new business and are quite prepared to let existing, loyal customers get disillusioned by the poor level of support and vote with their feet..   Telstra don't seem to go down the customer retention path lately..


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: end of mobile lease plan

The Lease Plans were abolished in 2019 as they caused too much confusion amongst retail customers.


Yes. If the phone was returned damaged then there was a fee for that - yet another reason why the Lease plans weren't great.


As far as copying the data from one phone to another, I've never been charged for that. It's always been offered as a free service (not that I've needed it - I always back mine up before going in to do the changeover). The one month period used to relate to an online swap (probably still does). If you took it in store, it had to be handed in on the spot.

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