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End of plan , decision time

Recently to my dismay and absolute gob smacking surprize

I was told that my 2 yr plan ( that comes to an end soon ) , did not include the " purchase " of my phone and that the phone has only been " leased " to me . As a result,  I have to hand the phone back in at the end of the plan , or pay them some more money to keep the phone I have been " paying for " all this time.

Im so confused .

After being totally loyal to the Telstra brand for absolutely years , this is totally unacceptable. 

I simply do not know what to .

I cannot see the wood for the trees here and absolutely do not want to be mislead by Telstra again .

Does anyone have any understanding of this .

I need my phone,good data,txt calls, internet access etc etc 


Confused Grannie


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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: End of plan , decision time

You haven't been paying for the phone. The cost of the lease plans was lower than the regular plans as it didn't include the cost of the phone. 


With the current range of plans, you can pay off a handset over 12 or 24 months, as long as you keep a month to month plan going for that period (you can change plans once per month if your needs change as well). If you cancel your service before the phone is paid off, you will need to pay the outstanding amount owing on the phone.

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Re: End of plan , decision time

Jupiter,  thankyou for replying. 

I was under the impression that I was paying off the phone , as I have always done on any plan, I also paid $100 to upgrade the phone receiving in return a new phone on an upgraded plan at $79 per month which was higher than my other plans. 

Its baffling when essentially you sit opposite a well trained sales rep for telstra , filling your mind with all manner of choices and options, add ons etc etc 

I don't want to make a mistake but not sure wether to surrender the phone and get a new phone on a new plan or pay the difference and keep a phone thats superseded now, 2 yrs old with plenty of use,  full storage etc

I wish I understood technology better

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