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Excess Data Charges.

Last November I had an issue with automatic data being loaded onto an account without my asking for it. Advance a year and the same issue occurs. Someone at Telstra increased my shared data to 5gig without my knowledge then another 3 automatic additions which were not ordered This account saw $100 in extra data that I not only did not order but thought that I had an agreement last year that meant that I had to purchase the data if I wanted it.

I rang the call centre last Friday (17/11) and while the operator tried very hard she could not help and unsuccessfully tried to connect me with someone who could. No luck there either. Either the connection failed of they thought I would just pay and go away. There was an SMS sent which directed me to the website which I was next to useless. I hope I can get an answer from someone in this forum. In the interim I will pay my account less the $100

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Re: Excess Data Charges.

I can't comment on the additional 5GB of shared data that has been added to your account specifically as I don't have access to your account. Sadly as a public forum it's very difficult and time consuming to attempt to ID customers on here.

However, with regards to the 'automatic additions', all plans come with 'extra data'. This adds 1GB for $10 to your allowance when you exceed it. So if you use 2.5GB over your normal allowance, you'd have 3 extra data topups to cover it at a cost of $30. You can not disable this. You can however remain under your usage allowance which will prevent charges under this system.

My suggestion is to either get in touch again via phone on 132200 or jump on their 24x7 live chat linked below. I say this because if you just choose to short pay a bill you may get late fees and/or service suspension as a result.

Live Chat -
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