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Excess data notification

I have a mobile with a 1gig data plan. I rarely use more than 200-300 meg each month, sometimes even less. I have been travelling for work and was at the end of my billing cycle, so I decided to tether my ipad to my phone and use the data from there. According to the telstra monitors I had been sitting at 500 meg for the last few days, so I was pretty sure based on my usage while travelling that it was fairly accurate.


A couple of nights ago I decided to facetime my family and I had done some research and found that it was estimated that facetime used about 3 meg a minute (a figure I have since found out is HIGHLY inaccurate). After being on facetime for about 40 mins, I ended the call and then browsed some webpages for a bit and then went to bed. The next morning, I received a text message saying that I was at 126 % of my data plan and I had just incurred $70 of charges. I have my hotspot set to disconnect after 15 mins of inactivity, so I assume that even if I had forgotten to turn off the hotspot  it would have shut down anyway.  And yes its WPA2 protected.


After speaking to the telstra guy in the call centre, I am none the wiser as to why I didn't receive any notifications (which were set) until it got to 126%. The telstra guy said I should have received them at 80% and 100%. He gave me a $40 credit which has helped somewhat, but I am loathe to use facetime again (or any other access if I'm close to my limit) in case this occurs. I know there is a lag, but based on my usage, it was 9.5 hours from the time I went to bed until I got the notifcation and from I've read, the usage is updated more regularly than this (4 hourly maybe....)


Can anyone shed some light of data usage notification and how timely it is. Don't really want to get stung with excess data again.



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Re: Excess data notification

Can anyone shed some light of data usage notification and how timely it is.

If the SMS Usage Notices are generated by the Mobile Data Usage Meter (MDUM) platform, then according to section 23.10 (under the heading of Limitations) in Part G – Data Services of the Telstra Mobile section of Our Customer Terms,

MDUM SMS Usage Notices are only available to customers with supported data bundle plans.SMS Usage Notices will generally be current to within 6 hours but will only include information on closed mobile data sessions.SMS Usage Notices are only intended to serve as a guide and will not prevent you from incurring extra charges for exceeding your monthly data usage limit.

Section 23.9 about that seems to suggest that sessions that are not closed can incur delays of 24 hours in the information being available to the MDUM for it to act upon.

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Re: Excess data notification

Yeah I see delays of anywhere from a few mins to Several Hours....




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