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I currently get my home internet through Optus, but am looking to swap to Telstra due to connectivity issues and poor customer service.


Currently, I have an Optus 4G Sim (data only) plan, which I can slot into my router/modem at home, which provides an access point for my other devices.


I was just wondering if Telstra offers similar functionality with their data only plans? Like if I got the 200 gigabyte data only Sim, would I be able to insert it into my router and use it as I use my current Optus Sim?

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Re: Home 4G

That should work just fine (I assume you are talking about keeping your existing modem)..  at worst you might need to set up APN's..


But I have to say that if you are coming from Optus to Telstra because of poor customer service, you get your expectation deflated..  browse around here in CrowdSupport for comments on customer support..  I am not trying to put you off, just advising you to do a bit of research..  Smiley Happy

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Home 4G

If the router is not locked to Optus you can insert the SIM into the router and use as you were using before. You might have to change some settings. Change APN to telstra.internet.

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