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How do I extend the time for the ring tone on Telstra Mobile phone?

I have a bog standard mobile Telstra phone with a basic plan.

The ring tone only last for a few rings and then immediately goes to message bank


I have been told that Telstra deliberately set the phone to ring only for a short while so that you have to use the service and get charged when you ring someone back because you cant get to the phone in time


I can't believe that Telstra would do such a thing. But then I believe in Santa Claus as well


Does anyone know how I can programme the phone to give me a chance to answer it before it goes to message bank and hacks off me and the poor person trying to ring me


Funnily enough Telstra have rung me in the past about my land  line disconnection on my mobile but I have no been able to get to the phone quick enough to answer them either. I guess you have to give them points for trying - although they do seem to have a standard scripted call tailored to show at least they called


PS Hello to Ben who seems to constantly be on this site answering eveyone's queries -feel free to take a day off you must be rushed off your feet fielding problems on behalf of Telstra - you should get a job with them - I am happy for anyone to answer this query



HackedOff Again



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Re: How do I extend the time for the ring tone on Telstra Mobile phone?


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Re: How do I extend the time for the ring tone on Telstra Mobile phone?

 extend that ring to a maximum of 30 seconds but of course no-one casually stumbles across it.

Call **61*101**seconds# to extend or shorten it.

So if you wanted to extend it to its maximum (30 seconds) you would dial


Other possible timings are 15, 20 or 25 seconds.



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