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I can’t upgrade my mobile broadband plan as I’m on contract and can’t talk to anyone to change it

I’m on a $59 plan that gives me 30Gig of data. It is currently on a 2 year plan as it came with a wireless modem and expires in a few months. I can’t upgrade to any new plan on line and cant call anyone to change it at the moment. My modem stopped showing data usage about 8 months ago and only get the excess data via email when I log in. I just logged in and I have has 14 x 1 Gig at $10 each Gig so I’m am an extra $140. The same happened last month so I had a bill over $200 for at $59 plan. Does anyone know how I can upgrade my plan as I can’t seem to upgrade it due to I think it is on a contact. I have tried through the App as well and it won’t let me either

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