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I have Telstra Home Broadband, but I want to swap my mobile to Telstra too.

I know I should probably talk to Optus first, but a few years ago I was able to help my father swap over to Telstra with nothing but his Optus account number and they took care of the rest.
Am I remembering this wrong? Or is there a way for me to move my mobile phone plan to Telstra without having to pay Optus exorbitant fees for moving over? As I recall, they moved my father over and he just started paying them instead, same phone and closest plan.
I have a post paid mobile phone plan with Optus and a Telstra Home Broadband bundle.
I'm probably remembering this wrong, but I want to check before I go in to a store without any documentation I might need.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: I have Telstra Home Broadband, but I want to swap my mobile to Telstra too.

If you go in to the Telstra Store with your Optus account details, they will be able to get you ported across. If you are still under contract with Optus, you will still have to pay any Early Termination Charges and Device Repayments that are owing to them. You can't escape that part.
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