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I just need to change my order, but I am being lead in circles.

I ordered the wrong iPhone 12 Pro Max. I selected blue but I wanted Graphite. I tried to change it and found that I couldn't without submitting a change order form. I fill it out and receive no confirmation that I ever sent it. I call Telstra (call reference number 03355703) and I am told that they have submitted a request to either change it to the correct colour, or, cancel the order.


I wake up and the order has been cancelled. I check the order status on the app. Cancelled. I check the number in the order tracking website. Cancelled. Cool. I reorder, this time selecting the right colour. 


Then I get an email saying that, because the order I made was a duplicate, it has been cancelled. This is obviously incorrect. 


I get in contact with the support team in the app, because even though I just received the email, I can't call to speak to anyone on the phone because the call centre is closed, and the website live chat never has any available agents.


They tell me that the original order for the blue phone is still being processed despite it being cancelled. I tell them I cancelled it and that my recent order was not a duplicate, because the original order was already cancelled. I am still waiting to hear back from them in the app.


All I want is for the order to be either cancelled, REALLY cancelled, or changed to the correct colour. I don't think I'm being unreasonable -- I work in technical support for a tech company myself, so I'm extra annoyed that I can't seem to find anyone to help me. 


How can I get in contact with someone who can actually help me, and not just tell me something incorrect or tell me what I already know? It should not be this hard to correct a single misclick. I have had the absolute worst customer experience trying to get this resolved for the past 24 hours. 


Should I just go to a Telstra store or will they just palm me off to go back and chat online to their online support? 

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: I just need to change my order, but I am being lead in circles.

Hi @tomkr was this all sorted? For account related enquiries it's best to contact us via Telstra channels directly in the Telstra App>Get Help>Messaging, Facebook, or Twitter as this forum is more geared towards peer support. 

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