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International call rates from mobile phones to satellite (Inmarsat) services

I've just received a mobile bill which was quite a bit higher than normal. The reason: I made a 16 minute international call to a +87077 number, which I've since found out is an Inmarsat BGAN service. For this 16 minute call, I was charged $320 - twenty dollars per minute!


I've since spent quite a bit of time searching for call rates from Australian mobile phones to satellite services. Many of Telstra's publish a handy country/code/price sheet. Telstra make it a bit harder to find international call rates, but the call rates to satellite services seem to be hidden completely.


Can anyone find a link or reference to these call rates?

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Re: International call rates from mobile phones to satellite (Inmarsat) services

Maybe my google is more powerful than your google Smiley Wink


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It's a mad set of costs.


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