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International calls-account status

Hello all,

I recently purchased two lots of subscriptions for overseas calls from my mobile, works well until I tried to find out the balance of the purchases.

I have received my latest bill from Telstra and nowhere on the bill is there any history of me making the purchase, or how much credit is on the purchases.

Yes, I did call Telstra and water an hour of my life while I was either kept waiting, or handed from one depot to another.

I reckon it should be simple like a Skype account,I.e. you make the purchase and then you can see who you called, how long for and how much credit is remaining, sounds easy to me, especially calling different countries with different rates.

The 24x7 apps don't work on my iPhone, or iPad, so I can forget them, they are always having "Technical problems",
Yes I tried to delete the apps and reinstall them, still not working.

One suggestion from one of the operators was just to keep purchasing more credits, but there has to be an easier ways, especially when you have to call Telstra to purchase them, no buying on-line that would be way to easy, and we can't have that can we?

Cheers to all ,

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: International calls-account status

Hi Onemore,

Unfortunately there is no way to track this via My Account or our 24x7 App.

I'd suggest to just over compensate for what you may use, and be safe then sorry by adding a further pack if you are getting close.

You can check the rates here depending on which country you are roaming with.

I would also be checking when the bill was issued and when you purchased the international pack as it may be on the next bill if purchased after the issue date of the current bill.

 In regards to our 24x7 App, have you updated to the latest update? as we have put in place bug fixes on the latest release on February 25th


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