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iPhone 5 Plan!!

I'm interested on getting the iPhone 5 plan for $67 a month with $600 worth of calls, unlimed texting and 1gb data. How much data does it use to go onto Facebook for mobile. I use Facebook quiet alot but dont want to spend $80 a month. How long would 1gb last me??

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Re: iPhone 5 Plan!!



Personally, I have 2GB, constantly have work emails coming in, use Facebook a fair bit and a decent amount of browsing and it lasts me fine. You can try Telstra's Data Usage Calculator.


It's important to have all automatic updates and iCloud turned off though and only back up when your phone is plugged into your computer, or you could find yourself with a very big bill! The Telstra store can step you through all of that when you pick it up, just ask them how.


It's also really important that you keep an eye on your usage. Telstra have an app which you can download onto the iPhone or any android phone called "Telstra 24/7" It's definately worth downloading so that you can ensure you don't go over any usage.


There's also a Facebook app (just search Telstra 24/7 up the top" and also an online version via www.telstra.com/myaccount


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Re: iPhone 5 Plan!!

Telstra do offer the service "Tribe" which would allow free access to Facebook that wouldnt count to your Quota. 


However you will recevive alerts at 80% and 100% allowance so so as you hit the 80% and you less then 4/5 into your billing cycle just upgrade with an extra data pack

Will update with something clever when the brain starts working!

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