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Iphone 7 plus being told what i want to hear.....

Is anyone else being told 10 different stories???


When I originally called to pre order a little after 5 (as the website crashed) I was told I couldn't pre order for new phone feeling without a reason, then i got transferred to the cancellations department which I am assuming was to get rid of me. Then the cancellations department had no idea what this guy was on about because there is no issue with what I was doing, so after 40 minutes of explaining I finally get to order.... the next day i find out my order was cancelled.... without my knowledge. So I placed a new order. Then I found out Telstra had placed the order incorrectly by selecting the wrong handsets. So on the 15th i finally had a correct order in place. Now even after all of that, i still hadn't given up. I was told 2-3 weeks which was fine. Every few days I double check with the chat team, because the email updates don't provide anything, which i am sure we are all aware of. So last week I was told a shipment was coming in on the 30th September which is Friday, not before I was told there were phones available but not for new phone feeling customers. I had a glimmer of hope that I would have my phone sooner rather than later as I was assured it would be in my possesion by the 7th October (which would be the 3 weeks). 

So today I get on chat to confirm the information I was told on Friday because by now I have heard so many different estimates and stories...... and BAM. Can't confirm by the 7th, could be a few more weeks. No idea when stock is coming in. 

Of coarse im not happy so im put onto a supervisor.... who honestly couldn't care less and just wants to get rid of me. Tells me its being escalated and someone will contact me by phone in 2-5 Business days......


Am I the only person thats had enough? As i said to Telstra chat today, things happen, thats fine. However don't turn around and say something that you can't back up.


Now to wait 2-5 days to even hear something.........

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Re: Iphone 7 plus being told what i want to hear.....

Welcome to the wonderful world of Telstra Bec. You are really wasting your time trying to resolve issues over the phone or online, as you have experienced.

The only way is to personally visit a shop, sit down with a rep and stay until all questions and issues are discussed and you have a satisfactory outcome or plan in place. Also get a paper receipt with the rep's name on it and a log number so that if anything goes wrong (which it probably will) they can't argue with you and deny responsibility with a couldn't care less attitude......as again you have experienced.

I am guessing you might live in a larger city. You should try living in Cairns!

I have lived and dealt with telecommunications services across the world and unfortunately Telstra are without doubt the worst at dealing with complaints and problems. My daughter left home 2 years ago and I still get calls from Tesltra asking me to pay her late bill payment despite them being told that I am not responsible for this.

Their staff are paid peanuts, are poorly trained, don't follow protocols and really don't give a stuff about stuff.....and working for a company like Telstra who can blame them.....sorry for venting.


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Re: Iphone 7 plus being told what i want to hear.....

Telstra is definitely proving to be a headache. I know there is stock issue's everywhere but its just how they dont provide any information or even show that they care. 

Unfortunately because i tried to do it so id get it on release and the stores not being available to me at that time this is how i went about it which cant be un done now. 

Yes i live in Sydney so very annoying. 

Thats okay Smiley Happy everyone needs a good vent sometimes! Hopefully you stop getting calls soon Smiley Happy

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