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Iphone x PRE ORDER cancelled for no reason

Every year i pre order an iphone on launch day.  On friday i pre ordered my iphone x at 5.55pm i received an email stating my order details etc.

The next day i received an email saying that there was an issue with my credit check and mh order has been cancelled.


I called the number to telstra provided in the email and asked the lady why this happened as i do not and have never had a bad credit rating, she called the credit department who said that a few years ago there was an out standing debt BUT that was paid? So they didnt know why there was still an issue.  She told me she can start another order (mind you that i would now be put on the BACK ORDER list). She also said that shd couldnt guarantee that the order would go through.


I didnt go ahead with the order 1 because i didnt think it was fair that i would be put on a back order list and 2 because the issue was not resolved and i was not getting any answers to why there were issue in the credit department.


The lady would not give me any answers and would not let me speak to her supervisor.


Im left very frustrated and confused to why this is happening.

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Iphone x PRE ORDER cancelled for no reason

Hey Oneill,


I can appreciate your frustrations with the credit issues you have experienced with this order and do apologise for any inconvenience that this has caused you Smiley Sad As you have experienced issues with having the reason for this credit issue explained, I would recommend having this raised as an official complaint. This will allow us to have a specialised case manager assigned to have this investigated and resolved further. Steps for having this raised can be located at:

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Re: Iphone x PRE ORDER cancelled for no reason

I don't think Its productive to contact TIO. I am a Telstra user for years and have multiple services with them. 


I placed the pre order for Iphone X on 27th @ 6.01PM and my order is on back order. I have order numbers, voice recordings confirming my order will be delivered on the 3rd, Chat emailed to me saying the phone will be delivered on the 3rd but no use.


On top of that I have been invoiced from the 3rd and I don't even have the phone with me. I made a complain regarding this and the cocky executive in his Philippine accent said complaint to TIO and closed my complaint as dissatisfied. 


TIO took my complain and later I got a call from Telstra saying please cancel your orders or we will cancel it. 


So if I look back is it worth spending the man hours arguing with contact center executives and later getting billed and eventually getting your orders cancelled. 


Funny thing is Apple is willing to provide phones in 3 weeks and Telstra has no Idea when they can deliver.


Bottom line is Telstra does not care for any new customers or existing customers, they have enough business.

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