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Large amount of data gone missing when hardly using mobile data

Hi, this my second post on same subject,

I have a s10plus and from late December it uses large amount of data that don't total amount I actually use, I basically browse and read the news, do some shopping, watch YouTube when I'm out but not in large amount of doses only a bit, play some music on YouTube music. My data usage and 24.7app tell me I used 14.4gb in a period of 17days I scroll down to add all the apps up and it totals about 4gb. So there's 10gb missing, example. This morning I watched YouTube for half an hour browsed internet then checked how much data it used it used almost 1.5gb.....last month I got charged for going over and it's going to happen again very soon because I'm on a 20gb plan. I usely average about 10gb a month till this started happening, I rang and had been advise to do a network reset but that didn't work, I have uninstalled a lot of apps and stopped them from working in the background I also went to play store to turn off auto updates i done restarts and so on.

Has anyone has had this problem is it the phone or Telstra I don't want to get ripped off again, and I'm scared using my data now basically have to switch off data, where I never ever had too.

Thanks for listening .

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