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Lease plan

Hello everybody i hope you're doing well. I've brought myself here due to being sent out the doors when trying to get a new phone. I currently am on a 24 month lease plan which i was paying $144 a month for. At the time i did not realise i had to give the phone back at the end of it (iPhone 8), Im quite angry as i feel i have been ripped off (what have i been paying so much money for if i don't keep the phone!?) I was looking to upgrade to a newer phone and have been told i can't unless i bring in my old one. I am still now paying $130 a month and cannot get in contact with anybody to try and sort it out. The phone is damaged and there is also a fee to pay if it is not in good working order which i think is outrageous. I have been a telstra customer for many years and feel like i have been taken advantage of. If anybody could point me in the right direction or share some feedback it would be greatly appreciated, cheers.

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Re: Lease plan

Unfortunately a lease arrangement to basically 'borrow' the handset is different to a payment plan (over 1, 2, 3 years) to buy the phone..  you need to read contracts and CIS documents to understand what you are signing up for. i would think there is not much you can do in your circumstances - the conditions of the lease agreement would have been detailed right from the start..

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