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Left Australia

Hi, I currently have left Australia (where I was living for 6 months) I did not have a contract but had direct billing each month for my phone. A telestra employee said they would cancel my phone 2 days after I was to leave Australia (so that I could still use it until I was completely out of the country). That was March 22, but now I have just received notice that I have a phone bill due April 29 which would lead me to believe that my plan is still going? I cannot use the phone for anything other than wifi and there is no signal, however I am still using Whatsapp with the Aussie number, so I am confused. SOOOO is my plan actually cancelled, and if not, how can I do that from overseas? Thanks in advance!

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Re: Left Australia

Have a look at the bill and check to see if you are billed for any usage beyond March 22. Telstra don't actually have the ability to schedule disconnections of services, it has to be done then and there. You'll need to try and call through on 13 22 00.

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