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Mobile BYO - upgrade data plan

I upgraded to Mobile Plan Large on 3rd Apr Friday. I received the order confirmation email  on 3rd April and Telstra Notification email (with out of date CIS) on 4th April. But I have not received anything informing me that my plan has been upgraded. I thought the data plan upgrade happens within 30 mins? 


I've checked my account and there is no change to my plan. Can I please get an understanding on where this order is at?


Thank you

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Re: Mobile BYO - upgrade data plan

Hi Telstra

I haven't received any updates via email on my upgrade order. Can someone please let me know how long this request is going to be? 




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Re: Mobile BYO - upgrade data plan

Same issue except my current Mobile Data Plan medium is now out of contract and trying to upgrade to Mobile Data Plan large. Went through the process and received a notice saying it will be upgraded in 4 hours. That was yesterday but my account has not changed at all. I am concerned that my data will go over the limit before the current period ends and my account is slowed to 1.5Mb, which is no good for me as a Graphic Artist.

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