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Mobile calling plan to New Zealand

Hi Guys,


I am wondering if there will be any new mobile post paid plans coming soon that will include international calling? I have to call home to New Zealand quite a lot and the $30 connect pack only provides $150 worth of calling.


For the first time I am actually looking at other providers to provide the solution that I need. 

I have looked at Optus and Vodafone and they now both include, $150 minimum international calling with in their post paid plans, will Telstra look at something like this soon? as I feel that the $30 that I have to pay on top of my Telstra post paid plan is becoming a bit rich! I am almost paying over a $100 per month now for this.

If I choose Optus with a BYO plan it will cost me $50 per month on a 12 month contract, this includes unlimited calling and texting, 11GB of data and a massive $500 worth of calling/texting overseas to New Zealand every month!

How can Telstra compete with that?


I really do not want to leave Telstra as you do have the best coverage and service by far! But I also feel that you are forcing my hand as well. I think the bit that hurts the most is that Telstra Freedom Plus Pre-paid customers now get the $200 of international calling included in their $30 plan, Yet I have to pay $30 on top of my post paid plan.

How is this fair Smiley Sad


Thanks for listening, I hope someone in Telstra marketing sees this and sees an opportunity to retain and delight its loyal post paid customers.

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Mobile calling plan to New Zealand

Hi Brtn13


Thanks for your post. We haven't been advised that there are any new plans being released in the near future, but that doesn't mean there won't be. 


New plans are generally made up of, what is cost effective, what is deemed to be good value and also what the Customers are asking for. 


I can pass your feedback on to the Marketing team but there are never any guarantees what will be considered. 


Kind Regards 

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