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Mobile phone upgrade while mid-contract

Hi there,

So I have had a quick read through the forums, and was quite optimistic that I could upgrade my handset during my contract without having to pay out the entire contract.


I have however been told by online support (with 8-10 between messages) that I would have to pay out my entire contract to do this.


I have a Velocity and love the speed on 4G. Reality is, I live nowhere near 4G and am rarely in a zone with it and enough spare time to utilise it. So thats pointless. But the battery life is the real problem. I turn off Wifi and BT when I leave home because I know my phone will be dying by about 2-3pm. I have my screen set on the dimmest visible setting. I get about 20 text messages and between 3-10 phone calls a day and spend maybe 5 minutes on Facebook if I get a lunch break.


Since this is the phone I run my business from I cant have a dead phone!


So I was hoping to upgrade to a Lumia or S3 (which have 2000+mAh batteries, and I know the S3 is good for 2 days because my wife has one). But alas, I am not paying $1000, PLUS my new contract fees to do this.



Can anyone shed some more light on this? Is this the correct procedure? Do I have to pay the entire bloody thing?

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Re: Mobile phone upgrade while mid-contract

have you turned off 4G. Having 4G on considerably drains battery as it still searches dor a 4G network. Switch it to 3G.


Also you can change half way through the plan, you will have to pay out your handset (either by one lump sum or monthly repayments until end of original term - you will lose any MRO bonus. Telstra will waive the ETC for the plan if you recontract onto same value plan or higher.


I am doing exactly that at the moment to get the Lumia 920 and have the ETC for the plan waived (confirmed on the phone).

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Re: Mobile phone upgrade while mid-contract

IU have just had the same problem. On chat they said that i would have to pay out my phine contract which reasonable but as i would be transferring from a old Freedom Connect79plan to the new 80 plan there would be no termination charge for the phine plan as i wasa ging sideways. Yet when i was placed into contatc with the telephoine sales service the story was different I would have to pay in addition to the 314 phione termination charge a 500 plus service plan ermnation charge.

Seems the left hand is out of sync with the right hand . Wopuld be nioce if all parts of the company could get their act together

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Re: Mobile phone upgrade while mid-contract

Yes, there does seem to be some problems with different departments.


I want to do the same thing, Boggles. I had a W7.5 phone and it was good, but the handset itself was poor and the network I was on then was terrible. So I had to rush a choice to get onto Telstra and the Velocity was the lesser of two evils with the 4S just out.


I've turned LTE off... really sad considering its a 4G handset though and the major feature of the phone. If I was in a 4G area, I'd be actually quite mad.



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Re: Mobile phone upgrade while mid-contract

This is sounding all too familiar   After just ONE day into my contract I decided maybe I should upgrade so I went onto the chat after telling them we would like to up upgrade was told yes sounds fine but you need to be put through to the sales team,  so transferred to them and tell the story all over again, yes it;s ok but you need to talk to the billing team, so off we go there and again tell the story all over again,by the  time I got to the 3rd  department they were under maintenance and could net retrieve the a/c, so, someone will ring you day wait all day for phone call did not happen,  so that night log on again and but this time was told  told no you  can't upgrade unless you  pay a huge amount, so what what about the leaflet I have received saying I can't upgrade   "other than a mobile phone plan with the same of higher monthly spend"   Hello that's exactly what I want to do!  Telstra say You Speak We'll Listen, but don't expect us to act on it!  oh and forget loyalty, I've been with Telstra for 37 years accounts for NOTHING! Like the previous post, each department tells a different story, they are not in sync. Be careful when choosing a plan, Telstra say one thing but mean something completely different.

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Re: Mobile phone upgrade while mid-contract

Hope I can provide some clarity here Smiley Happy



Firstly, if you receive an MRO Bonus (like most customers now) you have two contracts. One for the handset, and one for the plan.


Regardless as to what plan you are currently on, your Handset Repayment is a seperate contract (if you have one). You will need to pay this out at full price (so you loose any MRO Bonus) if you change your plan.


If you are on a Freedom Connect Plan you should refer to 7.29 of this document for full details. Put simply:


Freedom Connect without a Subsidised (Non-MRO) Handset

  • Change to an Everyday Connect plan that is the Same Price or Higher - No Cost, loss of MRO Bonus (where applicable)
  • Change to an Everday Connect Plan that is a Lower price - $50 Administration Fee, Loss of MRO Bonus (where applicable)

Freedom Connect with a Subsidised (Non-MRO) Handset

  • Change to an Everyday Connect plan that is the Same Price or Higher - Full ETC Charges
  • Change to an Everday Connect Plan that is a Lower price - Full ETC Charges


Regardless you will loose your MRO Bonus when you make the change, and will have to pay the old Handset price less any discounts for the remainder of your term.





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Still very lost here.   I have 14 months left on my contr...

Still very lost here.


I have 14 months left on my contract, and my details are as follows:


Smartphone Bonus Offer: 16.01cr

Business Maximiser Plan $79: 78.99

Mobile Repayment Option Bonus: 20.00cr

Smartphone Repayment Option: 36.00



Can someone please let me know what is the go here? I am obviously on a Business plan, I am receiving some sort of MRO, but its truly making me cross eyed.


Is my payout 14x MRO, 14x MRO+that other smartphone rubbish, or 14x my goddamn kidneys?

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Re: Nothing?

I can't help you with the details, but this sort of thing is probably best discussed in-store, where you can hash it out before you commit. Better to deal with one person or store than 3 or 4 via-telephone departments.


this is what I intend to do next week when I look to upgrade to the Galaxy Note II, as I'm just over 12 months into my 24 month contract. I've been gradually paying extra onto my account to hopefully cover any termination fees I may incur.

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