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Monumental stuff up getting 2x BYO deals sorted

Have had x2 post paid mobiles on my account for many many years - Mine is on the $50 BYO and my wife's recently out of contract I wanted to get changed to BYO....  Offer provided to me as a 'loyal' Telstra customer (via my account page) to set up a $50 BYO with a $10 credit +3Gb extra... 

Excellent, I thought - change my wife's plan as a new service, and when I was chatting to an online Rep. about it, was advised I could also do this with my existing BYO plan.... Port numbers across etc.. (this was lunchtime Tuesday)


Every chat and phone operator I have spoken to since that wrong info was provided to me in the past 5x days trying to sort out this mess has been a really poor customer service roller coaster experience.....  one that has pushed me to the limit of my 'loyalty'...


SIMs were sent in the mail, but as I work fun time, they were not able to be delivered and were sent to the local Post Office for my collection - Great - except I work full time and was unable to collect them during the week when the Post Office operates 9-5pm... Smiley Sad


In between, I had 5-6 emails arrive saying I had purchased x4 new mobile services...  What the?  Various chat sessions over a few days trying to sort out what was going on, it reached it's peak on Friday lunchtime with (what seemed to be) the most very helpful chat Rep. who finally worked out what needed to be done to sort it out for me and my wife's mobiles....


Unfortunately, the Rep. did not read my post properly advising that I did not yet have the SIMS (still at the Post Office) to be able to use them immediately...  She had unfortunately already gone ahead with the disconnection process of both my existing numbers to arrange the porting process to the new BYO mobile numbers.... 


This was a monumental issue as now both our main school emergency contact numbers and numbers on my kids phoens to call us were now off and unusable an hour or so before school pickup time..... Once she realised her mistake, she processed a re-activation request and said reboot your phones in an hour r so, and it'll be fine.

We agreed to forget the SIMs at the post office and I would get to a Telstra store on my way home to pick up x2 replacement SIMs and that she would ring me at 8pm to sort it all out.  Nicely offered 2Gb/month extra on both as compensation and that we'd chat later....  Phew, I thought....  errr  no....


So - my boss allowed me to leave work a little early and, obviously.... our phones did not come back at all on Friday afternoon. The Rep was unable to call me (as my mobile was still disconnected).

When I chatted again and was put onto a specialist Rep Friday night to try and sort it out, she advised that the Reconnection process was already provisioned and could not be stopped.  We had to wait for this to occur before the porting process could be sorted out.....  Reconnection can take 4-24 hours she said....  Sigh.....  I was advised I now have to wait for that Reconnect to occur before they can be disconnected again, so they can be ported across to the 'new' SIMs....  And, no note on my file for the additional 2Gb for compensation... even though it was confirmed to me by a supervisor...  funny that.   (I have chat record)


Here I am now, about 34 hours rebooting the phone every hour or so since that most very helpful of chats Friday afternoon, with two unusable mobiles, not connected to any network - being charged $5 additonal rates on each new service to the end of the billing cycle that I ordered 5x days ago that have not been activated and I also cannot use...


And then they send me an email saying - "I hope you have been happy with the service...."  How to make your blood boil from an automated email...  So....  thank you Telstra for your super service to an oh-so-loyal customer....


To add insult - I collected the SIMs that were sent in the mail and only one of them matches the new mobile numbers that are currently listed on My Account page....  so that's even wrong to begin with !  Sigh....


Plan is to head to a Telstra store tomorrow to speak to a real person and hope that the franshised location can provide some better customer service and I hope for their sake that our phones have popped back onto the network before I walk in the door at opening time....


Any help from Crowd Support specialists for my blight?

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Monumental stuff up getting 2x BYO deals sorted

Hi Tarquin301


Certainly not a great experience. If you have no success in the store tomorrow, I'd recommend lodging a Complaint Lodging a complaint with Telstra so a Case Manager can be assigned to get this sorted out . 


Kind Regards 

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Re: Monumental stuff up getting 2x BYO deals sorted

Got new SIMs activated against the number listed in my account in Store (1.5hr wait for a 5 minute job - Grrr), but they then palmed me back to the call centre to sort out the porting bit and to get all the weeks worth of stuff waved and creditied...


Chat couldn;t help and suiggested to make a complaint.  Numbers have still not been ported, and was directed to SIM Services who said that the original requests were made on the Friday, but "are stuck" and they can't do anything with them - needed to be escalated to another team.


I actioned a complaint late Sunday - Thanks.  Hopefully they will be in touch soon.


Also - I get a Txt today with a message saying 'Order has been delayed' and to call 1800 022 665 and given a Reference number that looks like an Interaciton number.... even though I didn't do anything.


Google search of that number says it's a possible scam....  oh well....  not calling that then....


Then a get another email today welcoming me to my plan - which is not the plan I signed up for...  sigh.....  round and round I go....

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