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Online Order Doesn't Exist

I ordered a new handset and post-paid service yesterday via the website.  I received an email billing confirmation email and order confirmation with an SBS order reference more or less immediately. 


I logged onto my online banking today and was surprised to see that not only $1.00 was on hold but a number of various small amounts that I had not authorised.  My bank was unable to confirm the source of the charges as yet so I called Telstra to find out whether this was a common problem and much to my dismay they were unable to locate my order by the reference number, email, phone number or name.  The CSO has pledged to call me when my order is visible on her system but I do not have a great deal of faith in her promise (I used to be a Telstra CSO myself...)


I do not currently have access to 24/7 chat support due to internet security in my workplace and the reason for requiring a new handset is the complete and utter demise of my smart phone so I don't know where else to try right now.  Has anyone else experienced this problem?  How was it resolved?


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Re: Online Order Doesn't Exist

Telstra do hold an amount of $1.00 on your Credit Card when you enter it, to confirm validity.


Not sure what else you can do, I'll flag the post for moderator attention but you may wish to try Facebook or Twitter for response in less then an hour (if LiveChat isn't an option).




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Re: Online Order Doesn't Exist

Thanks for your assistance, Ben. Unfortunately I haven't heard anything yet so I'm off to try to get the chat working at home.

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