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Phones included on Freedom connect plans

Is there some inconsistency between what phones are offered on the Freedom connect plans advertised on the telstra website and what is offered in the Telstra shops? I am interested in the $49 plan (inclusive of phone) and don't want to pay extra over and above the $49 for the phone. The website advertsises only two phone options on this plan - the Nokia mini and HTC mozart. I then went to the Telstra shop 2 days ago and they advertised the Samsung galazy and the Motorola Defy on the $49 plans with no additional cost. I talked to the sales assistant who confirms this was on the $49 plan. I then went to a different Telstra shop today which also advertised the Motorola on the $49 plan with no additional cost. When I talked to the sales person he said there was an additional $10 a month for this phone and that all phones now had an additional cost on top of the plan cost.


Can anyone confirm this?  

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Re: Phones included on Freedom connect plans

the HTC Mozart, N91 Mini and Motorola Defy are fully included into the $49 cap with no additional cost. I also work at a store and as far as i was aware there is no way we can charge more for those two handsets.
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Re: Phones included on Freedom connect plans

don't forget the samsung 551! and i guess stores can do them as more if they do MRO's instead of sub plans.

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