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I have just read that Telstra will no longer have post paid mobile plans and also may not have postpaid internet or Foxtel.

Is this correct?

Read it on the Gadget Guy website.

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Re: Plans

I read in a major finance report that Telstra plan to put everyone on direct debit 

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Re: Plans

Hard to know for sure where Telstra is headed - they don't seem so interested in email or providing proper customer support any more, so maybe just a retail sales future focused solely on new customers and grabbing the money....  oh, that last bit sounds like the current situation..


They are likely to divide from the single entity into 3 separate businesses, so big changes ahead - one of those entities will likely consume the NBN service delivery and maintenance..  things go around don't they...


Unlikely that I will go the direct debit route, it doesn't suit me in my present contracting arrangement, and probably not as a pensioner/ self funded retiree either..  I am already looking at what alternatives are available


On the up side, after following Starlink for a while I received advice that I can now show my interest  in signing up for future Starlink services..  could be a while off yet, but it's an option...  Smiley Happy

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Re: Plans

It would appear to be true I just went to update my plan as i am getting a new 5G device and all the SIM only plans require direct debit.


I have been with Telstra for some 45 years and direct debit does not suit me and i will not be signing up to any plan that requires it.


Telstra will give me no choice but to transfer to another service provider and i know at least 3 other people who will be doing the same.


The lack of market engagement and foresight is stunningly awful. 


I will drop into a Telstra store as it seems to be the only way to physically talk to someone associated with Telstra and see if there is any way around it otherwise I will be moving.

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