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Post paid SIM card

Hi Team,


I have recently ordered a post paid SIM card for a brand new service, however I was wondering if anyone can confirm if I can buy a $2 SIM card instead to use the service or do I need to wait for the SIM card to arrive?

I have asked in the help section however I don’t appear to be getting an answer.



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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Post paid SIM card

You need to wait for the SIM to arrive as it needs to be activated against the service (number) that you have ordered. The $2 SIM cards are for PrePaid services.


Note: I believe that Telstra's new system is a bit more flexible than the old system, so getting a Post Paid service mapped to a PrePaid SIM may be possible, but that would need to be confirmed by Telstra - they can do PrePaid SIM replacements that way now. Also, trying to do it that way could take longer than waiting for the Post Paid SIM to arrive as there have been some problems with PrePaid activations recently.

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