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Pre order - NSW lockdown

I'm really reaching our for help since Telstra won't help me online or via the phone.


I have upgrade and protect for two devices on my account. I wanted to upgrade them both and pre order the Samsung fold 3 and flip 3.


There's an issue with the credit assesment. The Telstra messenger team won't give me info at all. They told me I have to go into store so they can verify my identity. Not really helpful when all stores in Sydney are closed.


Spoke to the team via phone. They are also clueless on how to fix this. 

Anyone else had the same issue or advice? What is Telstra's plans for Sydney residents who can't access stores? Surely they have a contingency plan in place to verify identity of long time customers who have used upgrade and protect multiple times before in the past?????? It's not my problem all stores are closed! 


I'm close to reporting this to the ACCC. The lack of support during a very hard lockdown is enough for me to consider leaving.

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Pre order - NSW lockdown

Hi Verand,


I can appreciate your frustration and not being able to pre-order the devices yet and I don't have the information to answer exactly what is needed with your credit assessment.


We do have certain processes in place for when things like this happen, the first is to go in store and the second is to call 13 22 00 and our sales team would be able to check with our control group team if there is any alternative option.



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