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Pre-Order S20 Ultra



Hopeing some one can help, placed a pre-order for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra on the 13 Feb order #1-2369447850677, order went to pending after 72 hours waiting... Contacted Telstra via phone and was advised the order needs to be cancelled and re-done via phone, completed verbal phone order # 1-2369447850677. Found after 120 hours the order has been put on "Delayed", went in-store to find out what is going on, found order has been sent to dispatch with completley wrong address and unable to cancel. Contacted Telstra sales via phone and they also could not cancel the order and only stated to wait for the device to go to the wrong address and then re-place another order. This is not right as it could be signed by an incorrect person and am charged for a $2000 phone which i will not receive.


Just wondering where I stand now and how I can go about canceling the order before shipment and if that can't be done how can I just exit out of Telstra and go to another provider who can actually process an order correctly (had zero issues with my wife's exactly the same order on vodafone).


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Pre-Order S20 Ultra

Any update on your order mate ? I am waiting for my S 20 since march. 

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Re: Pre-Order S20 Ultra

I want to cancel my order

Waste of time with telstra. they just using the virus to be **bleep**ty telco

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