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Premium mobile plus customers can't upgrade to go mobile xxl?

Chatting with Telstra this morning to organise an upgrade to XXL (100gb) however was told we can't upgrade without paying out the existing contract which is contrary to the information provided on their website:


"If you are going over your plan allowance each month you can change between the same plan family anytime at no extra cost, but you cannot go below the spend limit you are contracted for." (link:


Same Family Plan? So premium isn't premium anymore its XXL? Different family!!


With the VC discount we pay $185 for 30gb which we constantly exceed so have to top up at $10 per gb. The XXL plan is $199.00 pm a small increase in existing cost for over three times the data allowance.


Existing Premium Plan Customers will likely be a little upset when they find they are paying over 300% more for their data allowance than the New Premium Customers who are now categorised as XXL's.




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Re: Premium mobile plus customers can't upgrade to go mobile xxl?

We were looking in to this today as we constantly exceed our data and have had many more they bills of over $400. Calling some 'dedicated' team tomorrow to find out whether we can use the new phone feeling to return our current phones and upgrade phone + plan. As you've stated though we were also told we could go up in a plan if we needed to, I'll be referencing your link tomorrow. We were told the larger 50GB and 100GB plans weren't available when we signed so we can't upgrade to them, we remember it being the second highest though. Also when you have customers paying $300+ monthly you think you'd be a 'valued customer' and be afforded the same deal as a brand new customer coming in off the street getting a far better deal then you. See how it goes

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