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Premium Plus Plan $199

Good morning.  I have my iphone on the Premium Plus Plan $199 (PPP).  Contract expired Nov19 so it is just running casual now.  Looking at a new phone and trying to decide what plan is right. The PPP comes with 140GB data which I dont use, usually around 30GB per month.  I liked the included international calls and texts in the PPP and would like to keep this (just in case we can ever go overseas again!!).  I cant see on the myTelstra pages a similar current plan that compares to the PPP re international calls.  Also my current PPP seems very expensive relative to new plans (excluding the international calls aspect). Does anyone have any advice on what would be a suitable plan allowing say max 50GB and international calls?  Many thanks in advance....

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Premium Plus Plan $199

The medium plan ($65 per month) would do you for data (80GB), included international calls went out the window a few plan versions ago. You now need to get a $10 add-on which gives you unlimited calls and SMS to 23 countries (see for details).


You can change plans once per month without penalty now, so if you need more or less data you can change as your needs do.

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