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Prepaid plan

I have just changed our plans on our mobiles as they are now out of contract for the following <removed to protect privacy> and <removed for privacy> to $40 bring your own device plans,  these came with 5gb data and $1000 calls.  Now we have both received text messages stating that we now have 10gb of data as we are sharing devices,  I specifically asked not to share devices and we only want the $40 per month plan each,  can someone please let me know what is happening.....  Thankyou Janelle Keech

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Re: Prepaid plan

for this you will need to chat directly to live support Telstra live support

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Re: Prepaid plan

As far as I understand, if they are on the same account there is no way for the data sharing to be turned off. They would need to be on separate billing accounts for it to not share from the way I understand it works.

That being said as o_0 livechat should be able to confirm any options for you.
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