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Renew existing plans

My husband & I both have post paid 12 month plans that expire in January.  Mine is $89 plan including 60gb + bonus 30gb of data as well as International Roaming with unlimited calls from a lot of countries.  He has the $69 plan including 30gb + bonus 30gb plus a $10 credit.  When it comes to expiration- the $60 plan will be perfect for him, however I want to keep my International Roaming option.  I understand I will lose my bonus 30gb of data.  Can I renew my old plan?

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Re: Renew existing plans

Hi sarvowinner,


You won't be able to renew your plan because Telstra have changed their plans to the month to month plan.


However, come January when your 12 month's is up, you will be out of contract and can still stay on your current plan until Telstra notifies you that you have to change to a different plan.

Once you change your plan you won't be able to go back on it again.

I am NOT a Telstra employee and never have been. However, I AM a customer who volunteer's my time in the hope to help someone with their question.
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