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Samsung S10 5G Upgrade

I've waste three days trying to figure out why I received text messages saying I was able to recieve the 5G upgrade. Upon receiving the message "As part of your plan, you can now upgrade to the new Samsung Galaxy S10 5G at no extra cost on your existing plan when you trade in your existing S10+ . Don't wait to experience Australia's first 5G phone with Telstra. Hurry, your upgrade expires in 21 days. Redeem now: https://tel.st/gs105gupgradenow Opt out: 1800039059"

I tried to apply online via the link. It informed me that I could not upgrade at this time.

After speaking with several 24 x 7 Telstra support staff I reached the following answer.

Copy and pasted from my chat transcript.


Ok how do I prove I'm eligible for the device upgrade in store? Do I just show the text message?



You can check on the link below for the nearest Telstra shop and their respective schedules.


Yes, just provide your account information for them to see it.



How can I see that? I don't want to go in and waste my time as I have seen on some forums people.having similar issues have been denied in store?

Is there some where I can check to provide this information for quick processing instore



Would you like me to pull up your account so I can check that for you?



Yes please




For security purposes, can I please have your full name, date of birth, and phone number or account number so I can pull up your account?



Cody ****** ****** **** ** ** ***** *****



Thanks for the details.

Pullinf up your account now.


Thank you for staying online, Cody.

So, upon checking here, you just need to present the text message that you have received from us to the nearest Telstra shop.
After going in store as directed, I was informed I am in fact not able to collect the deal that has been emailed and texted to me.

Stop wasting my time either honour the offer you keep sending me or stop sending miss leading and false information, wasting my time.

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Re: Samsung S10 5G Upgrade

I had the very same experience.  I recently took up an S10+ on a 24 month plan.  Yesterday I started receiving emails from Telstra offering me a free upgrade to a new S10 5G.  I thought about it for a while and then came to the conclusion, "sure, that'd be great".  First I went to a Telstra store where they told me that they were out of stock of the S10 5G and that I could redeem the upgrade online.  Then I attempted to redeem the upgrade online and was told I wasn't eligible for the upgrade, even though I had received 2x emails stating the exact opposite.  "Sorry sir, that was a mistake and the upgrade offer emails should not have been sent to you, you can however upgrade to the S10 5G at your cost".  WTF!!  Only Telstra has the knack of turning a really good customer experience (like a free phone upgrade), into something really bad (like a broken promise).  I am so frustrated by this whole experience, I would cancel my mobile contract without a moments hesitation and take my business to another provider however I am locked into this damn contract for the next 24 months OR, pay close to $1500 to terminate.


I really, really dislike Telstra now but unfortunately, I'm locked-in to the mobile contract until the end of the term.  Not so my Belong contract though, that thing is going this weekend and 2 years from now, my mobile contract will be gone too.  So long Telstra .... LOL

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