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Shambolic Galaxy purchase



Last week I went into the Telstra store in Stockland, Townsville with the intention of purchasing a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.


Before agreeing to the purchase I noticed signage offering a $100 visa gift card for new contracts of 24 months or more, with a $50 minimum spend.  I was planning on purchasing this on your "M" data plan, which is $57 a month - $35 data, $22 MRO.  I checked with the sales assistant if this would be applicable to me and she told me it would be.


I therefore proceeded with signing the contract and was told the gift card would be given to me at register after signing.


At the end, she informed me that I was ineligible for the gift card as it applies only to data plans of $50 or more.  I do not believe she deliberately misled me, but I do think she was duty bound to honour the offer since she had verbally promised it to me before signing the contract.


I queried this with her and she asked another staff member, who rather rudely said "it's in the terms and conditions" and walked away.  I felt I could do nothing more, so left, more than slightly disgruntled.


I have the terms and conditions here, as I took a copy of the promotional flyer before I left.  They state: "Available to new customers who take up a... Telstra Tablet plan for 24 months with a monthly spend of $50 or more".  I am unhappy as I believe this to be misleading, as I am SPENDING $57 a month. Nowhere does it say that the data allowance must cost $50 or more.


I explained all of this above detail in the customer feedback complaint form and received a response telling me I was ineligible, not even acknowledging my main two concerns (that I had been promised one before signing, and that the promotional flyer does indicate I should have received a card).  I then replied, repeating these concerns, and received a response asking me to go into the store and ask for the gift card - and then asked me to tell the staff in the store to add some notes into my account to say I should be eligible - surely your job not mine!!!


I find the denial of my gift card instore irritating and dishonest.  I believe I should be eligible to receive the gift card.  I don't even care if it's a gift card or not; $100 credit on my account will do fine too.


The handling of my complaint was also ludicrous.  Firstly it seemed very much as though the staff member replying to my complaint didn't read my complaint.  Then to ask me to go and do exactly what I had already done (and been rejected) says to me that my reply was not read properly either.


I really do want to like Telstra.  As mentioned in my other recent post, you are our flagship telecommunications company.  Unfortunately time and time again, things like this, or incorrect billing, or mucked up online store orders are happening and it's making it harder and harder for me to want to keep supporting you.


Please do the right thing and:

a) give me the $100 credit/gift card I believe I am entitled to, as described above

b) either amend the promotional flyer and/or eligibility criteria for this offer so they actually match each other

c) review your complaint resolution process.  It's very frustrating to write a long, detailed complaint and get a very short reply in which it is obvious my complaint was not read properly.


Thanks, and merry Christmas



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Re: Shambolic Galaxy purchase

G'day ALT 21, and welcome to Crowdsupport


Not the best outcome, and from what you describe, I think I would be irritated too.


Doesn't belong in Telstra Ideas, but lets see if a Telstra senior answers.


It's nice to aee you are so calm about it, and refreshing too.


Have a Merry Christmas.



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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Shambolic Galaxy purchase


I've sent you a private message to assist further

Thanks Smiley Happy

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