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SIM card activation - keeping old number from Optus

On Thursday 2 July 2020 I signed up over the internet for a medium plan $65 month by month sim transferring my

Exisiting phone number over from Optus.


On Tuesday 7 July 2020 I received my post paid sim in the mail.


I put the sim in my

Phone and contacted Telstra.


I was told I don’t need to activate as my service would be ready to use.


2 hours later service still not connected so I contact Telstra chat again


I was told number transfer can take up to 24 hours.


That evening I was told SIM card needs to be activated so I activated it over the Telstra website.


48 hours later I’m being told from Telstra that Optus need to release

My Number and Optus is saying they need a request from Telstra


No one know what’s going on and I’m going back and forth ! What on earth is the truth ! 




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Re: SIM card activation - keeping old number from Optus

Similar story for me, month by month plan porting number from Vodafone. Put in the activation request online last week on the 3rd and heard nothing since, no one on live chat could tell me anything.


Tried the chat again tonight and they manually submitted the activation and sent the details to the porting team for validation. Hopefully this time it goes through.

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Re: SIM card activation - keeping old number from Optus

This just happened now 

they’ve manually processed it and fingers crossed my number is transferred by morning 

so annoying mind you I’ve spoken to 6 different chat people today 

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