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SMS issues after porting number to Telstra - Resolution for Nokia phone

I have a Nokia 7 Plus phone and recently ported my phone number from another provider to Telstra. I have been able to receive SMS messages from Telstra and others on the Telstra network, but not from other networks. I called Telstra to get this resolved and was on the phone with them for a couple of hours. The resolution to my issue is below and may help others in the same situation. When my phone number was ported to Telstra, the "Chat feature" was disabled on my Nokia phone. In order to receive both text messages and chat messages you need to have it enabled. To check if it is enabled on your phone, open a conversation in Messenger and look at the field where you would type a message. If it says "Text message" instead of "Chat message" your "Chat feature" is disabled and you will only receive messages from people who also have disabled "Chat features" on their phone. To enable "Chat feature" go into Messenger, select Settings > Chat feature > Enable chat features and enter/verify your mobile number. If you are unable to turn on the chat features you may need to reset your network settings. Go into Settings and search for Reset. You should get an option that says "Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth" or something similar. Click the reset button and confirm. Once you’ve completed the reset you should be able to turn on the Chat features using the instructions above. You will now receive both chats and text messages from any network in your country. Note - this has nothing to do with international texting and the menu instructions above are for a Nokia 7 Plus and may be different for your phone. Use the Search function in your Settings to find the right menu items. I hope this helps and saves others a couple hours of their life. 🙂

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