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Swap Assure

Hi Telstra


I leased a Samsung S10 5G in late June 2019.  I took the Swap Assure option at $10 a month to ensure I could upgrade over the life of the 2 yr lease.


This week when I popped into my local T store I was told that Swap Assure is no longer a thing - that is was discontinued two days after I signed my lease and that my only options were to - 


1. Keep the phone the full term and hand it back at the end with no swaps

2. Swap the phone either before June 24 and pay $190 or after June 24 and pay $99 to get another phone but that I would need to recontract for 2 yrs on a new plan (no leasing anymore) and that there would be no further "swaps" permitted.


So my question is - what are the actual options available, as I suspect the information I was given wasn't completely accurate.


If the advice I was given is accurate then why am I still being charged for a service I cannot actually take up?  




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Re: Swap Assure

Ho gator239,


I don't know anything about Swap Assure but have a read of the below link I found which might help you.



The below link is regarding Lease Plans 


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