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Telstra Home Wireless Broadband

Hi, I moved from Sydney to Goulburn (13kms out of Goulburn) and there is no NBN or DSL (obviously cause of the distance)even though there is a landline... (now not connected). My query, all providors (T, O and V) offer wireless (4g) broadband. IT IS OUTRAGEOUSLY EXPENSIVE  i.e. Telstra 50gb for $150.00 - plus $10 for every 1gb over..   Competitors are cheaper (50% in some cases - but service not as good). Given that  a) NBN not avail; b) dsl not avail and c) the bundles offered by all providers  on either NBN or DSL etc are at least half the price and the data allownance is 7 times more if not greater - then why in areas such that I  am in do we not get a subsidy from say TLS or the others when we have no option but to take on Mobile Broadband at  ridiculous prices.


note - nbn is rolling in Goulburn and surrounding areas but not to me or others in this locale which is considered (goulburn local.) If it helps I will assist in pulling Fibre from the node at Goulburn airport just 6 kms up the road.........


Ps .. with 2 school aged children who need the internet plus E-commerce  which we are all required to be part of now... Bills via email, online banking,  etc....   50gb mobile doesnt last long and  on top of  mobile phone charges we are just about paying for the economy of a small country....   Cheers




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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Telstra Home Wireless Broadband

Hi Hecf


It's disappointing that your relocation has presented you with these issues. 


Telstra has never promised that Fixed Broadband would be available at every home across the country, however we have invested strongly enough in our networks and infrastructure, that we can provide a plan of some form or other, to the majority of households. 


I acknowledge there is a huge difference in cost, however this covers the cost of the massive investment we have made, and continue to make to our Networks. 


There is no option available for a subsidy, due to the difference in cost of a Fixed and a Mobile Broadband service. 


If you do wish to discuss this further, please speak with our Broadband Team  http://tel.st/3fdd (available 24x7). 


Kind Regards 

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Re: Telstra Home Wireless Broadband

Hi Lindy thanks for your reply


I understand the limitations of the broadband fixed networks etc.. My question wasnt really about the fixed broadband network more the disparity between broadband plans and  the home wireless broadband (mobile 4g).


Given the response I guess I will just have to put up with it until such time as  NBN skymuster is available and then make a decision on what is the better value proposition - given that both have  limitations and high costs, when compared to the plans and deals that are available for  FIXED broadband (regarless of ISP).


Thanks again 


Best Regards





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