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Telstra International Day Pass- not super happy

I have been a long term Telstra Customer and have used a few of the Telstra Roaming packages over the years.

The current Telstra International Day Pass at $10 has some positive inclusions/benefits and can save many people from "Bill Shock"

But for me/us is has not been a great Customer experience.

Is anyone else having issues with the activation and use of a Telstra International Day Pass?


I use the 24/7 App to "Manage services feature to set up and pull down this Add on


We are low level uses on calls, sms and data when over seas. Mainly rely on wifi and have used FON spots a few times.


On our most recent overseas trip we "triggered" the Day pass twice. Once was ok, we made a short call. The second time it seems the Pass was "triggered" by data usage.

We think this was when using 24/7 App or internet to check/confirm if the Data Pass was "Triggered" , "Activated" and the charges 

The in Country awarenesses sms received states "to monitor your data usage visit free from any Telstra service.

But we didn't want to make calls to everyone an anyone

My areas of concern are:

1) Terminology used on 24/7 App (and possibly Web Page)

2) No Status confirmation message when overseas that you have "triggered", "Activated" the Day Pass.

You get an sms each time you are in, or change countries that a Day Pass is available.

Why can't there be a confirmation SMS that the "Enabled" Day Pass has been "Activated"

3) No Status confirmation on 24/7 App for the user. Why doesn't this show that an "Enabled" Day Pass  Enable has now been "Activated"

4) The 24 hour Day Pass time period is based on Sydney time. It would improve the Customer experience if "Sydney" time was easily viewable on the 24/7 App.

When in Europe you can be 6-8 hours behind AEST, so the window for "included calls, data, sms can be quite small if you "activate" a Day Pass late in the Europe afternoon.

5) The Day Pass may be more attractive to travellers if the charges were adjusted to the lower $ amount of; calls, sms, data made, and the $10 Day Pass fee.

6) Billing- Some positives here in showing all days overseas to easy check when charges have been incurred.

The detailed bill could be improved.

The times are in AEST (Sydney) time.

The correlation of charges to call times in each overseas country could be improved by adding the reference to "Sydney" time example

International Roaming Data    Italy (-8hours)


Overall, the International day Pass has some positives as mentioned.



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