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Telstra one number

Telstra One Number
When I attempt to set up mobile data I get a message saying Sorry something went wrong please try again later, I’ve been into my local Telstra store and I've rung Telstra couple times and neither of them doesn't know what the problem is, it happens on my Apple Watch Series 5.   
Does anyone else here have the same problem as me? I'd appreciate for your help, Thanks. 

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Re: Telstra one number

It sounds like the watch hasn't synced to onenumber properly

How old is the watch & what model phone are you running?

Also are they both upto date software wise?


What you can try is either:

Resyncing your watch to your phone

Or cancelling the Tonenumber & resetting it up

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Re: Telstra one number

My watch series 5 and my iPhone X, both are had the latest software update.


i did try so many times paired and repaired but still no have luck to get the subscribing to Telstra one number 


how can I Cancelling the tonenumber & reseating up again?





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