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Telstra Plus Order Issue

I'm not generally one for going out of my way to provide feedback, positive or negative, however my interaction with the broader Telstra customer service team (online, in store and over the phone) over the last couple of days has motivated me to reach out.

I've been a customer of Telstra for a significant period and generally, overall i have had a very positive experience. I understand that on occasions things can go wrong and in most cases Telstra does what it can to assist. My most recent interaction was very disappointing and left me frustrated and looking for more information.


What happened?

- An error occurred with a dispatch of an ordered good (apparently out of stock but still can be purchased online).

- I had to follow up the order to check on its progress.

- I had to organise to attend a Telstra store to pick-up the goods in lieu of their delivery.

- I atteneded a Telstra store and had to explain to the Telstra store staff what the issue was and how they could fix it.

- I had to agree, in order to get my goods, for the Telstra Store team to enter me into a new contract / debit points from my account again so this could be resolved (I note at this point i had already established a contract for the goods online). I was told that I would then have to arrange to contact Telstra Plus support separately to cancel my original order so i didn't retain two contracts.

- I then had to speak with a Telstra phone contact (while in-store) to organise this new contract, explaining the issues that have lead me to this point. No one took the time to explain to the phone support individual what was going on.

- While on the phone the phone support individual attempted to review my order with Telstra Plus. Apparently he couldn't proceed until he reviewed the issue.


Part-way through my interaction i had to leave and asked for an update to be sent to me via email. I left without any resolution or my goods.

I've received two but each indicates an ongoing issue with the contact centre being able to contact the warehouse and Saturday will be the earliest he can update me. 

As i mentioned above, things do happen which can't be controlled, I understand this. But i'm beginning to get quite frustrated particularly as I'm the one driving most of these interactions (as you can see above). Not once has someone proactively contacted me, or gone about assisting me with the error.


Can someone please look into this for me - i can't undertstand why this has taken so long and is becoming so difficult.

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Re: Telstra Plus Order Issue

Hi Svander,


From my understanding you ordered a product from Tplus but there was an issue with the dispatch?

You then went instore to redeem the points but still no luck on getting the product you want from Tplus?

Telstra has actually recently updated their Tplus dispute process my advice is to use live chat & request to raise a Tplus dispute & they'll raise the issue to the Tplus team who will usually contact you within 48hrs to let you know what is going on & to get more information if they need to inregards to your dispute

just make sure you provide as much information as possible otherwise the dispute will be returned to the agent who raised it to gather more from you which will cause a delay to you being contacted

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