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Tesltra Samsung GT-S5511T mobile Phone Range

I have a Samsung GT-S5511 phone.  It was sold to me by Telstra, advertising that it was a ‘green tick’ phone.  That means that it has better range than most phones for use in low signal strength rural areas.  In use, however, the phone performs very poorly in this regard, worse that any most other phones I have cpmared it with.  I have noticed when switching it on, the signal strength when it first connects seems to be very strong, but within a second or two, it reverts back to low power, often unusable.  Is there any way to force it to remain on high power mode?

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Re: Tesltra Samsung GT-S5511T mobile Phone Range

I think the term you are looking for is "Blue Tick"


If the phone doesn't work as expected, you can return it to the place of purchase for repair or refund.




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Re: Tesltra Samsung GT-S5511T mobile Phone Range

Thanks for the reply,  I appreciate that I can return it but it seems to be designed this way.  There are two of these phones in the family and both do the same thing.  I compared it with several phones from friends using my sim card and my phone was 2nd worst out of 5 for difficult conditions reception and transmission.  I don't know what critera Telstra use for their 'blue tick' rating but it is misrepresentation and misleading people (like me) who live in difficult reception rural areas.  If the phone would stay at high power as it does for the one or two seconds after switch on, it would be excellent.  It seems like a simple software fix but how and to whom do I speak with in Telstra that is not a sales person but has some technical ability?  Incidentally, I have tried Samsung Technical support and they have almost no knowledge of this Samsung product.

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Re: Tesltra Samsung GT-S5511T mobile Phone Range


I have one of these and my wife has one also.

My phone has always performed satisfactorily,however my wifes phone has been far from satisfactory in regards to battery life and range?

My phone has a 3G sim card however my wifes phone had an  E sim card? Recently replaced with a 3G card.

Before and after the card replacement,my wifes phone lets out a worble and shows MEMORY CARD REMOVED?

Strange goings on?

Regarding  the range improvement,i have not tested the phone in fringe areas however i think by changing the sim card the range should be an improvement?

Check out the small box to the right of the signal indicator.Should be 3G or better.

(Not happy with my wifes phone.) 

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