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Unexpected Account Restriction

On 02/09/21 I entered the Telstra store in Bundaberg intending purchase a new iPhone and take advantage of the 1 day sale - 40% off the retail price of IPhone 12 mini with plan. I currently have an iPhone 6 and not unexpectedly I have been experiencing battery probs. Also the camera is no longer adequate for my needs. The assistant scanned my DL for ID and prepared the paperwork only to come to me 30 mins in to report that there is a credit restriction on our Telstra account which prevents the finalisation of the agreed plan. My husband and I were both shocked as we have never defaulted on our account in 30 odd years of holding the joint account. The assistant said he could see that and then asked if we had ever been hacked - my husband’s mobile had been last year and he had finally managed to sort it with Telstra a month after the issue was discovered- Telstra took full responsibility for the issue. The assistant emailed the Fraud Team requesting that the restriction be lifted as I wished to purchase a new mobile. The store agreed to honour the sale price and post the new mobile to me via registered mail. We had been travelling and live over 150km from Bundaberg. I have never heard back from that Telstra store. 
On 02/09/21 I called 132200 to see what was going on - spoke for over 30 mins to a pleasant guy probably in the Phillipines. He was very gung ho initially but after hitting several brick walls with his inquiries he became audibly deflated and finally admitted that he was very sorry but could do nothing to assist me. 
Annoyed with the lack of action I contacted the Telecommunications Ombudsman’s office on 06/09/21 and lodged my complaint. 
Eventually, on 13/09/21 I missed a call by 8 mins from Chris in Telstra Complaints - called straight back but reception said he was busy and would call me again next day. Kept mob glued to my side  but no call. Rang complaints reception and was advised that he definitely call me back the next day  but no call. By this stage I was very frustrated by the inability to actually speak to a case officer about my / our problem. 
As tomorrow is the cut off date according to the Ombudsman for Telstra to have resolved the issue for me, I decided this afternoon to try contacting the Complaints department again - I received a recorded message stating that - “ An officer has attempted to call you unsuccessfully and may try again”. If you have any further questions please call 132200.

I have to say that I am in total disbelief that my consumer rights were violated on September 02 in Bundaberg as a result of an action that Telstra took to restrict purchasing rights on our account without our knowledge and to date have done nothing to either explain or remedy the situation. 
I guess now I have no option but to return to the Ombudsman tomorrow. I don’t want to get involved in legal action I just want to purchase a new mobile at the sale price I was entitled to enjoy. 

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Unexpected Account Restriction

Hi there, I can see you've been on quite the journey here and I appreciate the effort you've taken to outline the issue. Are you able to send us a private message via the social media platforms and we'll be happy to see if we can provide you with an update. We certainly don't want you to feel this way as a customer and want to be able to get this resolved for you as quickly as we can.

- Ash

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