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Unresolved complaint - case manager does not bother


re SR 1-2370159757950


I have to say this is one of the worst companies I've ever dealt with - even trying to work out how to lodge a complaint is insane.  


Anyway, a case manager by the name of "Aimee Pacheco" (the second case manager, the first one "Kevin" gave up) is supposed to be dealing with this, it's now been 2 weeks and still no response.  The complaint is in relation to the porting of a mobile number to another provider which was not authorised and has resulted in a bank account depleted of over $50,000.  The fraud squad, bank etc are all involved and have been extremely helpful.  Telstra, on the other hand, have buried their heads in the sand refused to cooperate.


Could someone tell me how to escalate this matter?


Also if this is not on the correct board please let me know.


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