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Unsubscribe from AirG Chat Services

I have just entered into a contract for a new mobile phone with Telstra.  

Received my first account to find that I am being charged for AirG VIP. I had no idea what this was for and did not authorise it.

 Telstra don't seem to want to know about it and directed me to a 1800 number for AirG.  Air G say they have cancelled my subscription, which I never authorised in the first place, but will not refund their charges. Told me I should get a refund from Telstra.  

Telstra of course tells me to get a refund from AirG.  Has anyone had these problems with Telstra and AirG  This has only started when I entered a new contract with Telstra on 14 January 2016, using the mobile number I have had for over 15 years.

Thanks, Wattle12.

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Re: Unsubscribe from AirG Chat Services

I also noted these charges on my recent telstra bill.


As a rule, we don't tend to check our Telstra account, as if it seems to be the same amount it is just paid.... HOWEVER, upon printing off my last one and then going back to November 2015 I have incurred some 140.00 of charges, that Telstra advised was because we selected something in an AP to be charged back to our mobile service.


I find this utterly shameful and unacceptable, as 99.9% of companies now days ask for your credit card details upon accepting a new AP.  So to obviously Telstra is getting some sort of kick  back by allowing this charge onto our accounts.


I was also told by Telstra that  I needed to contact AIR G VIP in the US to cancel this subscription, which I have done.


Telstra have credited back my current months charges of $26.60, gee thanks for something I never requested.


I will be taking this further as I have stated, this is unacceptable.


I also saw quiet afew comments from very unhappy Telstra clients on the Whirlpool forum....Needless to say no other carrier is charging this to their clients...Only Telstra!  

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