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wanna change to Telstra from Vodafone??

Im currently with Vodafone and had enough with their crappy service.
I have finished my contract with them.
Now I would like to change over to telstra what are the stept to make this possible.
Due to work commitments it is very hard for me to go to a telstra store.
I would like to bring my number over to telstra if possible.

Any Help will be greatly appreciated.


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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: wanna change to Telstra from Vodafone??

Hi Alan,


We've got a great online shop that is avaliable 24x7, you can visit it here:


For any questions with the site, plans or products you can also contact us on Live Chat, also avaliable 24x7


In our Online Shop you can choose from a great range of handsets on a 24 month plan, or if you want to keep you current phone sign up to a 12 month contract and save money. Postage on all of our online orders is free, and shipping is very speedy.

When you get the SIM card and phone in the mail, you then simply give us a call and we'll bring your mobile number over from Vodafone. 


Any further questions please let us know, and welcome to Telstra Smiley Happy



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