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Whatever happened to MessageBank Combined?

There used to be a service called MessageBank Combined which gave you a single voicemail mailbox for a fixed line and mobile.  Does it still exist?  I can find some info about it, but nothing to say that it does exist still or is no longer available.


The page on Voice2Txt here says that it is not compatible with MessageBank Combined, there is a FAQ saying that it is available, but they are old, as they mention CDMA, and  there is also a user guide that tells you how to set it up and pricing, but that's old too, as it includes MessageBank diversion charges that no longer apply.


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Re: Whatever happened to MessageBank Combined?

I know you can have it setup so if you receive a message on your home service it will send you an SMS on your mobile. You can also access the 1800 number to check your home messages from your mobile for free, so while not as elegant, you can still have access to both easily and cheaply.

Like you, I can find mention of it on some product pages, and a user guide, but I can't seem to find any information in the Our Customer Terms or product pages to set out if it's still available.
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