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when credit ain't credit

after the last entry there were multiple sms all of which failed to work or resolve the issue so the story I'm not a mobile fan it just ain't glued to my hand but this society requires that to do some business I require one. Therefore monthly plans are a waste of money the Prepaid plans fit the purpose and so in August I paid $102.00 for a Prepaid plan don't quite understand the $2.00 sim charge and would have thought the Prepaid plan would be activated but no. On the 16th I informed that I'll need to recharge so online I try, now the online calls for a Voucher the receipt states Recharge Authorization No. so from the online I cut and paste the Voucher No. with no results. Having been notified that it needs recharging I select the no voucher option and choose $10.00 to credit the account unaware that to do so wipes the $100.00 payment from the account, credit to me means ADDING to the balance. No explanation from West Lakes, no paper copy of terms and conditions, the end date for the account is now the 23rd and as this is the 19th I decide to ADD another $10.00 (4 days remaining) I buy another $10.00 and find that the end date is now the 26th and not the 30th. For $120 so far I learnt Telstra has a nice little scam going here buy credit and lose what you have in the account. Now decided to go VOIP so that's the landline done and no more Telstra and the Robo BS so hello Optus, Belong, Voda and many others after some 40 years good luck Telstra your going to need it to survive.        

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