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Why cancel my sim?

I bought a new handset and plan.

it turned up with a new sim coz the nuff nuff in sales didn't know if my old phone used a nano sim

It did!

so I put my old sim in and everything worked.

But today they turned off my old sim and now my phone no longer works.



there were no instructions with the new phone that I HAD to use the new sim.

AND my old sim can no longer be reactivated.


I can't find the new sim coz my wife is a clean freak

so I cannot receive any calls or messages about work


Which dimwit thought this up?


If you wanted to turn advocates into detractors then congratulations - goal achieved


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Re: Why cancel my sim?

Don't you think that you are the one to blame, not Telstra? Why didn't you use the new SIM?
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Re: Why cancel my sim?

Have you still got the new SIM issued by the store. If you have plug it into your phone it will be programed with your old number and account. If you didn't keep the SIM go to a Telstra store and request a new SIM with number and account programmed on it.


You can't have two SIMs programmed with same number. If you wished to keep the old SIM you should have told Telstra to cancel the new one.

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