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Why does porting take so long?

I signed up for a 5G plan last week and I’m still waiting for it to be activated. My number was disconnected yesterday for the port so I can’t make any phone calls for work now. I keep getting told “48 hours”, “24 hours”, “48 hours”. It just goes on and on, transferred between department to department. Nobody has any idea what’s going on, or what’s happening. They spit out random time estimates they can’t deliver on. They fail to be transparent by any means as to the status or progress of the order. The retail shop said, “it’s out of my hands now it’s an issue with BOH.”, then stops replying to my emails. 


What are you guys honestly doing in terms of customer service? It’s absolutely atrocious. Take a look at how Apple treats their customers. Yes, you have the government support and infrastructure, but you’ll continue losing customers and your stock price will continue to fall.


Please don’t blame it on coronavirus, here is a thread from 2014 with people having the exact same issues. Nothing in your processes is changing, you aren’t improving.


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